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Starters and Appetisers


Paneer tikka sashlik 5.50

Cottage cheese cubes smothered in tandoori paste, baked in tandoor

Chilli turmeric salmon tikka 5.50

Fillet of farmed salmon, marinated with kashmiri paste, chilli, turmeric & baked in tandoor

Punjabi lamb chops 5.90

Two day papaya, yoghurt & roasted spice tenderised front chops, baked slow in tandoor

Hara bara kebab 4.90

Spiced lentils, chickpeas, potato & spinach rolled in a leavened bread

Chicken tikka & garlic mushrooms 4.90

Pan-fried with fresh garlic, coriander, mixed spices, onions and pepper juliennes

King prawn pakoras 6.50

Fresh water jumbo prawns, covered in spiced batter, fried to perfection

Naga chicken wings 3.90

Marinated, baked in tandoor then stir fried with naga spices


Spicy or plain 0.60
Dips 0.60*

* Choose from mint, onion salad or mango chutney

Classic Starters

Sheek kebab 3.90

Minced lamb & chicken mixed with herbs & spices formed on a skewer & baked in tandoor

Onion bhajis 3.50

Traditional all time favourite

Vegetable samosas 3.50

Filo pastry filled with vegetables fried crispy

Chicken tikka 3.90

Tender chargrilled spiced breast chunks

Tandoori king prawns 5.90

Jumbo prawns marinated in natural herbs & roasted in clay ovens

Lamb samosas 3.70

Filo pastry filled with minced lab & peas fried golden

Tandoori chicken 4.50

On the bone, marinated with mustard & tandoori herbs baked in clay oven

Chicken Tikka puree 5.50

Diced tikka, sweet & sour flavour, served on a yoghurt bread

Chicken pakoras 4.50

Deep fried golden

The Delhi Main Event

Bangladeshi Baburchi

All gluten free

Paneer tikka lassan chilli 7.90

A vegetarian heaven. Tandoori baked cottage cheese fired up with garlic & green chillies, packed into a hot sauce

Bengal fish bhuna 9.95

Served in every Bengali house. Pan-fried seabass served on a bed of stewed turmeric caullies

Spicy chicken korma 7.95

Spicier version of the ever popular korma

Spinach & pumpkin curry 6.95

The ultimate Bengali home comfort food. Turmeric spcied squash chunks, garden spinach tossed with toasted garlic and cooked in a rich gravy

Bengali mutton korma 8.90

Stewed for hours, with sweet onions, bay leaves & Mum's magic fragrant spices

Mutton garlic masala 8.90

Bangladeshi railway workers favaourite! Tender mutton leg meat slow cooked in a dark rich garlic pickle sauce

Chicken & mango curry 7.90

Free-range chicken breast, korma paste, turmeric and fresh mango chunks as the base for this mild, Indian spice-pot

Salmon chilli garlic 11.90

Twice baked Scottish salmon, green chillies, fried garlic, corriender, roasted herbs. Cooked in a rich hot sauce.

The Indian Chef

All gluten free

Butter chicken 7.95

Our cookery class favourite. Tikka Masala doesn’t exist in India but this is the real deal

Lamb lasan spinach 8.50

Lasan meaning garlic, pan-fried & blended together with garden spinach & tender lamb chunks

Paneer tikka masala 7.90

The ever popular tikka masala cooked with paneer.

Punjabi chicken 8.90

One of our favourites: sliced breast of tandoori chicken, minced lamb, chilli, tomatoes, smothered with spices topped with coriander

Lamb & pumpkin dansak 8.50

Straight from the Gujarat. Tender lamb, spiced butternut squash and lemon, slow cooked in a thick madras hot lentil gravy. Perfect with 2 chapatis

Gunpowder chicken curry 7.90

Tender cutlets of chicken breast cooked in a ballistic array of spices, producing a rich hot dark sauce.
Utterly addictive

Pumpkin, chickpea and coconut curry 6.95

Goan-style. Twice cooked butternut squash, mixed with curry leaves, coconut milk and soft chickpeas

Goan mutton malaber 8.90

Melt in mouth mutton leg meat, red chilli, toasted coconut, dark curry paste, curry leaves and a smooth sauce

Goan seabass curry 9.95

Seabass fillet simmered in a highly fragrant, fiery, tangy, sweet coconut sauce. With curry leaves, ginger, coriander & dried red chillies

Lamb with ladies fingers 8.50

Tender leg meat, spicy okra, plum tomatoes & ground spices cooked for hours, finished with coriander

King prawn with mango garlic 10.90

A slighty hot, sweet and sour dish flavoured with fresh mango and garlic sauce


All gluten free

Spicy chicken tikka masala balti 8.50

Delhi’s special & Britain’s favourite dish, simply spiced up with chilli & ground spices

Garlic achari chicken balti 7.50

Balti Triangle favourite & one of our 'must-try' curries

Keema aloo peas balti 7.50

Succulent ground lamb, roast cumin, cloves, peas, cinnamon, potatoes, tomatoes & pulses simmered to create a rich & heady dish

Lamb dhal saag balti 8.50

Tender lamb, cooked in a korai with red lentils & garlic tempered garden spinach

Chicken tikka, potato and mushroom balti 8.90

Fourteen years and still a favourite!

Chicken tikka vegetable tawa 8.90

From the western frontiers, cooked in griddle 'Tawa' dish, bursting with sweet, creamy & tangy chilli flavours


Recognised by everyone & enjoyed by generations.

All gluten free

Choose your meat

Vegetables 6.95
Paneer 7.90
Chicken 7.95
Lamb 8.50
Prawns 7.95
King prawns 10.90
Chicken Tikka 8.50
Mixed (Chicken, lamb, prawn, mushroom) 10.90

Choose your sauce

Tikka Masala
(standard with chicken tikka)
Rogon Josh
Biryani (£1 extra)
(stardard with chicken tikka)
Chilli & Garlic


(Low fat, low carbs & gluten free)

The following tandoori baked dishes are low in fat & carbs as they are marinated to tender & baked in the oven without the use of oils, ghee or butter. Served with fresh greens & chutneys

Rajastani mutton chops 12.90
Mix grill 14.90

(Sheek kebab, chicken tikka, chicken wings, tandoori chicken, king prawn, mutton chop)

Chicken tikka 7.50 (sashlik +0.50)
Tandoori chicken (half) 7.90

On the side:


Naan 1.90
Tandoori Roti 1.90
Elephant brand Chapati 1.50
Keema naan 3.90
Cheese naan 2.90
Coriander red onion naan 2.90
Peshwari naan 3.90
Garlic naan 2.90

Turmeric pilau rice 2.90
Onion fried rice 2.90
Boiled rice 2.70
Garlic & chill rice 3.50
Mushroom fried rice 3.50
Egg fried rice 3.50
Lemon coriander rice 3.50


All gluten free

Spicy okra 4.95
Saag aloo 4.95
Spicy dhal saag 4.95
Bombay aloo 4.95
Peas paneer 5.50
Tarka dhal 4.50
Chips 1.50
Spicy chips 1.90
Chicken tikka wrap 4.95